Apple IIe 3.5 inch FDD

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Date: Mon Sep 22 19:31:17 2003

ISTR that the Apple drive is a DSDD mechanism, and that GCR encoding is
used, not a standard FM/MFM. So you need the Apple drive no matter how
you slice it. And you need another disk controller card to match it.

I have a fist full of salvaged 3.5 drives, unknown condition that I know
should work on my IIc+ or a IIgs, but I don't know of any other use for
them. Maybe the IIe could only use the Unidrive 3.5.

Help me out there, apple nuts . . . .

Gary Hildebrand
St. JOseph, MO

> Hi all,
> Can anyone tell me the besat place to get info on the 3.5 inch FDD
> for the Apple IIe?? Is it possibl;e to modify a standard IBM 3.5 inch FDD
> to
> work with the apple?? Yes, I understand it would be a serious
> modification.
> Has anyonme heard of it being done?? I understand the Apple II uses a
> special drive interface, can this be conected up to the 3.5 inch drive
> hardware and be used to drive them?? It's just so much easier to obtain
> 3.5
> inch disks nowdays that a bit of fiddling around seems worth it.
> Hope to hear from you all soon
> Peter T.
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