Atari 2600 for $600

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 09:58:52 2003

And thusly chris spake:
> There is at least one emulator for the 2600 that I know of. I tend to
> play all my favorite games that way. Its easier than chewing up space
> with the 2600 itself (and I have a MUCH bigger collection of game ROMS
> than I ever had of carts)

Are you talking about Stella?

But one of the problems with playing on your computer is the screen size...
Playing on a 31" TV or projection TV is *much* nicer. :) Plus it is
easier to use a *real* joystick to paddle. (No adapter required).
There is also the CuttleCart, which allows you to play downloaded ROMs on
a real 2600. :)


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