Atari 2600 for $600

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 10:29:46 2003

>Are you talking about Stella?

Yup, thats the one I use

>But one of the problems with playing on your computer is the screen size...
>Playing on a 31" TV or projection TV is *much* nicer. :) Plus it is
>easier to use a *real* joystick to paddle.

Yes, these are two very good reasons to use the real thing. (and of
course, its just cooler to use the real thing, but when space it tight,
at least the emulator lets you play)

>There is also the CuttleCart, which allows you to play downloaded ROMs on
>a real 2600.

Humm.... that sounds like something I want to locate. :-)

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