Lisa models (was Re: New toys)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 01:50:08 2003

Sellam wrote about the Lisa 2:
> Do they have both a "Reset" and "Interrupt" buttons in the back or just
> "Reset"? If the former it's a Lisa 2/10; the latter then it's a Lisa 2
> (upgrade from a Lisa 1).

In the latter case it could either be an upgraded Lisa 1, or a Lisa 2/5.

There are two different backplanes, the original for the Lisa 1 and
later the 2/5, and a newer backplane for the Lisa 2/10 and Macintosh XL.
The connectors for the I/O card and the disk cabling are different, so
they are not interchangeable, nor are the I/O cards. But the CPU cards
are interchangeable provided that you use the right boot EPROMs. Rev. H
will work for the Lisa 1, Lisa 2/5, and Lisa 2/10. If you have a
Mac XL or a Lisa 2 with a "screen kit", you need rev 3A.
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