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From: chris <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 12:09:50 2003

>Do they have both a "Reset" and "Interrupt" buttons in the back or just
>"Reset"? If the former it's a Lisa 2/10; the latter then it's a Lisa 2
>(upgrade from a Lisa 1).

They have both the Interrupt and Reset buttons. So I'm guessing they are
the Lisa 2/10.

The previous owner told me he thought they were 2/5 as he said there is
no internal hard drives. I just opened the front of one, and there is a
hard drive in it. So it really looks like they are in fact the 2/10

I also have two styles of mice. One is the screw on D shell like the 128
has (with the large fat connector), and the other is the Lisa 1 style
spring clip D shell. He said he bought the machines from his company
years ago, so I'm not too surprised that there are parts that might not
have gone with these specific machines.

Both machines have a parallel expansion card in them. Or at least I
assume that is what the card is. The one that was hooked up had the
Profile drive and printer connected to the two ports on the expansion
card. And the ports are labeled with two parallel lines.

Why does the Lisa have two serial ports on the machine if they planned on
you using parallel ports for the drive and printer? I thought Apple at
that time was in the "we give you exactly what you need and nothing more"
mode? Or did that attitude go soley with the Mac line?

Also, was it normal for there to be an anti-glare screen on the CRTs?
Both screens have a fabric feel to them, and when I popped the front off
one, it was this screen that sits on the CRT. Was this a normal part, or
some extra that was added?

And finally, anyone have any idea which power cords shipped with the Lisa
2/10? They came with generic black power cords. Is that what they shipped
with, or did they use the beige right angle plug like the early Macs did?
I have a box of Apple logo cords and if I have the right ones, I'd like
to match them up.

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