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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 15:49:00 2003

"chris" <> wrote:
> Why does the Lisa have two serial ports on the machine if they planned on
> you using parallel ports for the drive and printer?

For modems, plotters, serial printers, AppleBus (which turned into
AppleTalk, then the physical layer was renamed LocalTalk), or whatever
other serial devices you might care to attach. Back in those days
no one would have taken a computer with no serial ports very seriously.
Serial ports have only started disappearing from PCs in the last year
or two.

> I thought Apple at
> that time was in the "we give you exactly what you need and nothing more"
> mode? Or did that attitude go soley with the Mac line?

That was a Mac thing. The Lisa was supposed to be a very high-end
computer, with a price tag to match.

> Also, was it normal for there to be an anti-glare screen on the CRTs?

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