IBM System/23 problems

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 14:55:46 2003

> Also, once I get this machine working
>again, I will need to find some software for it. I would assume that
>there is no place to download System/23 software,

I did just find yesterday another box of 8" disks. This box has the
Customer Support Disks in it. That set of disks has assorted tools and
software. They aren't original disks, but rather duplicates.

I just have to find out if the System 23 software is usable on my 5110.
If not, then I'll be offering up the remaining System 23 stuff (8" disks,
and an almost complete set of manuals... one of the volume binders is
missing its contents, and none of the original disks are to be found, but
I think I have copies of all refered to disks in the box I just located.
The remaining manuals appear to be complete).

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