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From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Wed Sep 24 15:22:38 2003


While going through the (many, sigh) boxes of old crap, trying
to find the manual for the AST FourPort card, I found my good
old Irwin tape drive again... I already have about 120 tapes
in the machine room (I always managed to keep those "with" all
the other tapes..) which contain a lot of old software.

So.. does anyone still have these drives? I can probably go
and resurrect my old 286/20 machine (to which the drive was
once connected ;) and install a fresh copy of DOS on that,
but I probably also need the software for it... I remember I
used both their "old" system (FIP, I believe) and their new
stuff, EZ-TAPE I believe....

Oh.. and anyone able to feed me info on the (&(#$^(#^ AST
card should report in for duty asap :)

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