SGI Indigo/Crimson - PS/2 to SGI adaptors found

From: JP Hindin <>
Date: Sun Sep 28 17:16:15 2003


I don't know if its any form of blasphemy to do this. But for only $40,
you can get a prebuilt convertor of standard PS/2 keyboard + mouse to
proprietary SGI keyb/mouse bus for Indigo/Crimson. (The dude says Onyx
uses them too, but I was kinda sure that was PS/2 like Indy. No matter)

The adaptor guarantees an endless supply of working Granite keyboards and
mice from Indys and upwards.

I'm not a representative of the guy at all, but I think its damned useful
and I figure some of you might too:
        chris 'at' ckcomputersystems 'dot' com

Enjoy folks;
Received on Sun Sep 28 2003 - 17:16:15 BST

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