TRS-80 printer cable length?

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sun Sep 28 17:41:57 2003

On Sat, 27 Sep 2003, Tony Duell wrote:

> > That sounds about right, but I don't think I have an LP2, so I can't
> > verify for sure what connector it used. Does someone out there have
> > one that they can check?
> Somewhere I have a TRS-80 printer that prints on narrow (about 2" wide)
> aluminised paper. IIRC, it has 3 connectors on the back -- a 40 pin card
> edge, a 34 pin card edge, and a 5 pin DIN socket. THe last one is a
> serial interface (but not for the CoCo -- this long predates that). The
> 40 pin card edge is a Model 1 system bus (!) -- you can connect it to a
> M1 without an EI. The 34 pin card edge is Centronics parallel. I don't
> think this is a LP2, but I will have to dig it out to check. I thought
> it was Quick Printer 2, but,....

I came across this bit of text after searching extensively:

It lists a large number of the different printers and which cables are
required by what. I noticed a few things missing and a few things that
were inaccurate, but it looks like a good place to start to build up a
list of cables.

I did find my Model 1 and Model II printer cables. The Model II cables are
6ft long, and the Model 1 cables are around 3ft. long. The Model 1 cables
look like they are either aftermarket or home-brew.

> > Looking at the different cables, it would appear the most commonly
> > needed cables would be the Model I+EI/III/4 (26-1401), Model II
> > (26-4401), and Color Computer (26-3020). Does that seem about right?
> > Is there much in the
> Yes. There were 3rd party cables for the CoCo which either had 4 pin DIN
> to DB25 (to use with other serial printers) or 4 pin DIN to 36 pin BLue
> Ribbon (and a lot of electronics to do the serial to parallel
> conversion) that are useful. THe latter, though would be a lot of work
> to make up.

Probably easiest to just use a 4 pin DIN to DB25M and just use a generic
serial to parallel converter box for parallel printers.

> > way of demand for shielded cables for the Tandy 1000 line? Are there
> > many LP2s out there that need cables?
> I suspect most people who seriously want to use an LP2 would be able to
> make their own cable.

Looks like there are more TRS80/Tandy printers that use the 34 position
card edge connector than just the LP2. The url above lists a number of
them. There may still not be enough of a demand to warrant making up some
extra cables for those though.

Does anyone know what the pinout for the Model 100's parallel cable
(26-1409) is like? I don't have one to refer to. Heck, I haven't even seen
a Model 100 in person since 1993 or so.

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