9 track reel tapes

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Sun Sep 28 22:26:09 2003

I came across a decent stash of 9 track reel tapes during my clean out.
(4 cases, so maybe 50 or so of them)

A while ago, I sold or gave away (don't remember) a whole bunch of the
write protect rings for them. So I'm wondering, do those rings stop you
from writing, or enable you to write when installed? I want to try
selling the 9 track tapes on ebay, but I want to make sure I specify the
correct status of the rings (that don't exist).

Also, are these safe to bulk erase with an electromagnet? So far none of
them have any data on them that I am worried about erasing, so I'm not
planning to bother... but I want to know if it is safe or not in case I
find one I need to.

And finally, are all 9 track tapes the same? These were used on our
General Automation Zebra machine. So will they work on any machine that
needs 9 track, or only on other Zebras?

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