CMC 7910KQ MicroTerminal

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 02:59:40 2003

A couple people expressed interest in these so I did pick up a couple
today, and after a fair amount of hunting also found the company on the
net. Unfortunately not only nothing I could find on the site for this
product, but the same product number points to a newer fancier version.
These are about half the size of the current model, and no telling what
subset of functions.

CMC 7910KQ MicroTerminal
They come in a two pocket padded zipper case maybe 8x5x2, bottom pouch has
the unit, top has two sides one for a test cable (plain old phone cable
with RJ11 on each end if anything in most, but one had a full linemans
headset rig with the funky alligator clips), and the other has a holder for
3x AA batterys and a small adapter with a RJ11 connection that goes through
hole in the padded case into the side of the 7910 (line cord goes in the
bottom). The face of the unit has a 4 line 20 char lcd, Qwerty membrane on
the bottom half and telco numeric on the top right. Pushing the on button
gives a loud beep, and the display comes up with CMC 7910KQ something
something V3.3, runs a self test, and plugged into nothing (I am a chicken
so far) reports lines free as 1710, press menu or return. Menu brings up
lot of choices, but it does sound like this device includes some type if
modem of not fancier and funkier functions.

Took me about half an hour digging in boxes to find decent looking units,
cases, that didn't have broken or missing battery holders, and that the
unit would power on. My guess is "maybe" one or two more could be matched
up, but not quite what I would call clean looking.
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