Socal Swapmeets

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 03:29:48 2003

Here in Socal we have 5 going on 6 monthly or semimonthly old computer
often containing swapmeets. The first two saturdays of the month are Santee
and Fontana, which are either small or too far for me most of the time, but
I did manage Pomona last weekend, and TRW and ACP this weekend, and plan to
try for the new Chino Hills next weekend. The bad news is that space prices
seem to have risen enough to drive away most of the small non regular
sellers, and that most of the stuff is recent junk (Belkin is local and
TONS of returns get dumped to swapmeet sellers).

So what did I see, good stuff first, ACP had a pair of fresh from the shed
Imsai something 40 boxes with like 9 in CRTS on the front, and dual 8"
floppy box and a Selectric.

I didn't buy or even offer on any of that, sticking to a mini R/C tank and
some hifi cables. Pretty boring when the results of 3 swapmeets are just
some cheap parts.
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