Socal Swapmeets

From: steven <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 16:27:49 2003

I did pick up Windows version 1.0 at TRW last week.
Original box, manuals and floppies.
Cost me a whole dollar.


--- Mike Ford <> wrote:
> Here in Socal we have 5 going on 6 monthly or
> semimonthly old computer
> often containing swapmeets. The first two saturdays
> of the month are Santee
> and Fontana, which are either small or too far for
> me most of the time, but
> I did manage Pomona last weekend, and TRW and ACP
> this weekend, and plan to
> try for the new Chino Hills next weekend. The bad
> news is that space prices
> seem to have risen enough to drive away most of the
> small non regular
> sellers, and that most of the stuff is recent junk
> (Belkin is local and
> TONS of returns get dumped to swapmeet sellers).
> So what did I see, good stuff first, ACP had a pair
> of fresh from the shed
> Imsai something 40 boxes with like 9 in CRTS on the
> front, and dual 8"
> floppy box and a Selectric.
> I didn't buy or even offer on any of that, sticking
> to a mini R/C tank and
> some hifi cables. Pretty boring when the results of
> 3 swapmeets are just
> some cheap parts.

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