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From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Sun Aug 1 13:20:17 2004

On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, Tom Hudson wrote:

> FYI: A couple of old Compucolor (Intelligent Systems Corporation) items
> on eBay:
> (Software)
> and
> (External floppy drive)
> Man, I wish I still had my Compucolor II and all the software I had
> written for it; I stupidly disposed of all of it back in 1985. It was a
> flimsily-made computer, but it was my first microcomputer and I really
> loved it. Hopefully, comeone on this list will be able to put these
> items to use. I have no connection with the seller; I have a watch out
> on eBay just in case a Compucolor II comes up for bidding at a
> reasonable price...

Just think of all the Compucolors in the TV section of thrift shops that
have been passed up by collectors over the years and subsequently junked

One collector that I used to know said he passed by a pile of junk with a
TV on the highway but decided to go back for some strange reason and found
that the TV was actually a Compucolor.

I got a fairly complete Compucolor a couple years back but it smoked upon
being powered up. I'll have to get to fixing it someday.

I'd really like to bid on the software up for auction so if someone wants
it worse than me, please let me know.

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