8" floppy project

From: Charles H. Dickman <chd_1_at_nktelco.net>
Date: Sun Aug 1 19:35:33 2004

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>I wonder what it would take to hook a real RX02 up to modern hardware. The
>interface isn't complicated, but AFAIK, it would take more than a PeeCee
>parallel port to drive it.
I agree that this is true. You can get by bit banging a PC parallel port
as an RX01/RX02 because *that* side sets the pace by driving the clock.
With PC parallel port in standard mode, the best you can do is about a
0.5 MHZ clock, 1 uS high, 1uS low.

The RX01/RX02 specs state a maximum clock of 400ns high and 400ns low.
There is just no way to keep up with that clock without some additional

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