Electronics Barn closing

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Date: Sun Aug 1 22:33:21 2004

On Sun, 1 Aug 2004, John Allain wrote:

> For people in the NJ,NY,CT area it would be useful to know of the
> Electronic Barn and give it a visit at least once a year or so, to pick
> up some odds and ends. To people who live in Silicon Valley the
> place would seem typical of a number of places, thousands of labelled
> bins, a few hundred more unlabelled, and some interesting things in
> the "extreme bargain" area.
> www: http://www.elecbarn.com/
> gps: N40.79517 W74.20047
> map: Farrand st, Bloomfield, NJ
> News is this: the Barn has announced that its closing its doors. Time
> indefinite. Perhaps by Christmas. For now the prices are reduced.

Maybe some enterprising left coasters could get together and buy it to
keep it open? I was looking into buying Mike Quinn Electronics to keep it
from going away when the old owner decided it was time to move on. He
was resigned to closing MQE forever because he didn't think he'd find a
buyer. Fortunately, someone else came in and bought the place and is
keeping it alive (for now). I think it's really important to try to keep
these places open.

Someone should make the effort, but know what they're getting themselves
in to. Running a surplus electronics business is challenging.

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