Seeking Strawberry Tree or LabTech (Laboratory Technologies) software

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Aug 2 01:38:21 2004

At 03:09 PM 7/30/04 -0700, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>Has anyone got any old Strawberry Tree Inc. or LabTech (Laboratory

I got this email a week or so ago and have been thinking of posting the
information to the list, er, or organization that is. The offer below says
Sep 30th for notebook Labtech, but the original email (unfortunately was
looks like text, actually a .gif) was for regular Labtech software same
$500 for a license good for the whole organization with end date of Aug 30th.

My thought was that we might want to do what we did for the Teledisk
software, get a point man for our organization, Classic Computing, and if
say 25 people went in on it per person it would be a manageable about $25
each ($20 plus $5 to dupe CD and mail). I would be game myself up to a cost
per person of about $35.

I don't want to be the point person, somebody with more knowledge of
LabTech etc. should be it, but I also don't want this to just slip away. 3
months from now this software might really be hard to get at any price.

My main question is what hardware will this version work on, ie how old,
mac or pc, etc.

************************************************ Notebook offer which is
just like the regular offer, but ends a month later.

On September 30, 2004, all LABTECH products including all versions of
Notebook and Control will be discontinued. After that date the products
will no longer be available.

Between today and September 30, 2004 you can buy an unlocked copy of the
latest version of LABTECH NOTEBOOKpro and LABTECH CONTROLpro for $500.
These new unlocked copies will be licensed for unlimited, multiple
installation within the purchasing company or organization.

In addition, there will be no new unlock codes issued for currently locked
editions. If you anticipate that you may need to move your existing copy to
a new computer, or expand your application onto additional computers you
should take advantage of this offer.

We will continue to offer technical support with the same plans and
policies as we currently offer, though we reserve the right to add
reasonable service plan price increases in the future. We are also
committed to maintaining the current version of the product and will
address bug fixes as they are identified.

Finally, we will release the required resources or source code to any
organization that wants to create support for hardware interfaces not
supported in that version.
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