First computer with real-time clock?

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Mon Aug 2 11:40:09 2004

>From: "William Donzelli" <>
>> My favorite on the opposite end, is a random bit stream produced by
>> using the pulses from a geiger counter (and associated radioactive
>> material) to clock a long shift register. It's well-discussed, but I'm
>> not sure anyone ever produced one.
>I *think* some military crypto gear did things link this, but I am not
>I know that AT&T once marketted a true random bitstream chip using a bunch
>of unstable oscillators.
>William Donzelli

 It has been shown that if you loosely couple three oscillators
they will produce chaotic periods. I've also seen that when
a zener diode is around 7.2V it is especially noisy. This
has been used to produce many types of random noise, including
white and pink noise for special purposes. Most silicon transistors
will zener in this region if back biased, base to emitter. I
ones made a wave sound simulator using both the zener and
the oscillator principles.
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