VAXStation 4000/90 Hard drive options

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Aug 2 12:11:05 2004

> Yeah...I just recently got an IBM drive that has absolutely refused to
> work on any narrow SCSI bus I've tried it on. It works fine on a
> peecee with an LVD SCSI card in it - but it isn't the peecee that I
> want to use it on, but rather a SS20. *growl*
> I used to think that "SCSI is SCSI is SCSI". I think this is the first
> case I've met where a SCSI device doesn't Just Work....

I just dug up the specific message where David Turner mentions this on

> You can do this with OLDER UW and U2 Disks U3 Drives do not like being
> bumped down to 8Bit

> On many wide drives, you need to diable FW negotiation (most IBM drives
> have this) Compaq used IBM drives in their faster storageworks narrow
> canisters with the FW NEgotiation disabled by default

Since I've planned on eventually having to use newer SCSI drives on my
PDP-11's and even my VAXen, this was rather disturbing news.

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