Looking for old data information

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwight.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Mon Aug 2 12:31:00 2004

>From: "John Honniball" <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
>Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
>>>From: "John Honniball" <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
>>>I have a book by Steve Money called "Microprocessor Data Book", and
>>>it lists three Rockwell 4-bit chips, the MM75, MM76 and MM78. They
>>>make up the PPS4/1 Series. Are they the ones you are interested in?
>> Hard to say. The chips I have all have inhouse numbers on them.
>> It sure does sound like the right stuff though. The chips are
>> all 42 pin spider chips.
>There's no detail about the packaging, but only one chip has 42 pins.
>The MM78 (and MM78LA) is listed as "42-pin quad in line". That chip
>has 2k of 8-bit ROM, 128x4 bit RAM and 31 I/O lines. Instructions
>are 8 bits wide, but the ALU and memory are 4-bit. Maximum clock
>frequency is 100kHz.
>John Honniball

Hi John
 That would most likely be part of what I'm looking for.
"42-pin quad in line" sounded like how they might describe
the spider chips. I suspect that this is what most of the
IC's are on this unit.
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