rarest computers. was: RE: Xerox Alto Restoration + Emulation

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwight.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Mon Aug 2 12:53:15 2004

>From: "Vintage Computer Festival" <vcf_at_siconic.com>
>They have a *very* well done restoration page. Cool project! However, I
>don't believe their claim to have the only original Alto left in existence
>is accurate.

 I was just wondering. What people on this list consider their
rarest computers in their collections. Here is my list

1. Nicolet 80 ( 20 bit mini with core. working condition. Only know
                  of 2 others. I doubt there are more than 10 left
                  anywhere. )
2. SIM-4 4004 development system ( most likely fewer than 30 left. Running.
                   I only know of 2 others. )
3. Olivetti M-20 ( Few in the US but maybe a couple hundred in Europe.
                      Z8000 processor. Runs )
4. Jupiter Ace ( Several hundred most likely exist but unusual in that
                   it had Forth in ROM. Runs )
5. NC4000 Delta Board ( Most likely only 100 around but most have no
                 idea as to the collectable nature. These might be
                 found in embedded system. These are unique in that they
                 have the Forth processor on them that was designed by
                 NOVIX and Chuck Moore. A 4 Mhz processor could run rings
                 around a 33MHz 80386 of its time. Things like sorting
                 1000 integers in 19.2ms )
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