Electronics Barn closing

From: Teo Zenios <teoz_at_neo.rr.com>
Date: Mon Aug 2 13:52:31 2004

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> That's pretty much the same siutation with most electronics surplus
> stores. It's a sad fact: kids are, indeed, not building anything anymore.
> We're raising a nation of end-users, thanks to a number of factors, all
> boiling down to selfish indifference.
> Sellam Ismail Vintage Computer

I think there are alot of kids designing websites, programming, hacking, and
making the occasional virus. The fact that they put away the soldering iron
and took up the keyboard doesnt mean they are selfish or not creative, they
just get into different tools then older people who didn't have a computer
to play with when they grew up. When I was young I went out and purchased
some ram chips to fix my dead C64 (was stupid and touched a staticy TV while
my other hand was on the keyboard, ESD), equipment was expensive. Today if a
pc card breaks its cheaper to chuck it and get a new/used one then it is to
even think of looking for the parts to fix it, same with all other
electronics. Electronics repair places were the first to disapear, makes
sense that the surplus stores that supplied those buisinesses are next in
line to go. Even Radioshack does not carry much in the way of electronics
parts these days.
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