Electronics Barn closing

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Aug 2 14:27:07 2004

> Guess it's public now. I know the proprietor, Yoneh, well. Been going
> there since 1983.
> A mixed bag, mostly PC parts and industrial leftovers at the component
> level. Zillions of
> Rs, Ls, Cs, Xtals, Xfmrs, etc. Almost nothing soldered together, just
> parts, some
> electromechanicals, but in depth.

I can see why the place is closing - this stuff just doesn't sell at all.

The stuff that does sell is the simple junk - connectors, terminal strips,
switches, knobs, tube sockets, decent big chokes and plate transformers,
some (few) tubes, some (fewer) semiconductors, meters, relays, high
voltage oil caps, old tech manuals, capacitor mounting clamps. Probably a
few more, but these are the "hot" items in my bins.

Note that all of this stuff is mostly older, tube based stuff. A basic
rule of thumb is that if mounts on a PC board, don't bother with it.

William Donzelli
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