"Lost art" of old repairs knowledge.

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Related to this classic computing, I'm working on a 1987 caravan with
2.2L carb, early type of computer primarily for spark timing advance
(still using a distributor but only for timing pulses and a rotor.
No mechanicals of any kind in that unit). and three emission vacuum
soleoid valves. That's it. I have chrysler's service manual for
this caravan but not that detailed like computer numbers and jets
sizes in this regard.

Every people I talked to does not like to deal or don't want to know
with this "ancient" stuff. They rather buy another car or ditch
the carb & computer and go with custom injection setup. This is all
I have to deal with for time being and do repairs on this old stuff
properly requires good information on this kind. Oh, I like this
kind of challege and see what it was like in old days.

I have contacted two carb rebuilders that specialize in rebuilding,
turns out both doesn't know because one buys rebuilt carbs and
resells it and sell rebuild kits that all. Other one does their work
rebuilding them but doesn't have info on specific jet sizes for
particular engine sizes and application use (caravan, Omni etc)

The particular carb I'm working with is holley/weber 5220
non-feedback two barrel, secondary vacuum operated when enabled by
computer when engine is hot (chrysler's) and were used in so many
makers' cars from that era.

If somebody have better source of info like jet size etc is much

Most of troubles is the people doesn't leave them alone, damaging
carb in the process and not able to find the basic problem
properly and not following the vacuum routing. Emission info routing
sticker is right there on the underside of hood (bonnet for


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