Electronics Barn closing

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Mon Aug 2 17:47:33 2004

> This is the biggest aspect of the problem. But if that's all it was, it
> would be easy to solve. The main issues are that we have a) dumbed-down
> school and educational requirements, b) stifled creativity in ways too


> numerous to mention (i.e. kids being arrested for writing fantasy essays

Exams the emphasise rote-learning rather than thought don't exactly help

> about killing other students, teachers, etc.), c) have gotten so busy in

And at least over here, kids are treated with suspeicion if they want to
use 'dangerous' tools like knives, soldering irons, etc.

> life that we have little spare time for hobbies, d) removed the hands-on
> science classes from school because of budgetary reasons, e) generally

Again, over here, a lot of the good bits of school science have been
removed for 'safety reasons' (not that anyone ever got seriously harmed
by doing them, and now kids are so darn bored that they turn to crime of
illegal drugs, but anyeay). Much of what I did at school, like making a
CRT, fooling around with 3 phase mains, etc, would be banned :-(

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