OT stupid Welsh and Americans (was Re: Cirris 1000)

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> Considering the English colonial past, the English don't have the right
> to complain about anything! Not only see Opium wars, see black slavery
> (who do you think shipped the slaves to America and the Caribeaan in
> exchange for sugar and rum?), Irish potato famine, Endentured Servitude
> (another word for slavery), debitor's prison, scalp bounties (both in
> American and for Australian Aborigines), press gangs (ship's crews). Then
> go see American Revolution!
> Now do you REALLY want to get into a debate about English colonial
> My 2 cents worth,
> Joe

I think the British did outlaw outright slavery before we did in the US (not
sure what their reason would be). I do find it comical when blacks ask for
reparations for slavery, since it was black people in Africa enslaving other
blacks in the first place, the brits just provided shipping to get them here
to the US.

Personally I don't think people alive today have any reason to bitch about
what happened to any of their people or relatives that were not alive when
they were born. Ancient history is just that, history. look at what has
happened in the Balkans over the last 100 years, people avenging things that
happened centuries before they or anybody they ever met was born. What would
you tell an American Indian that comes to your door saying he legally owns
the land your house was built on because his tribe was not paid for it 150
years ago? If the Vietnamese can forgive us for what we did in their country
30+ years ago the rest of the world can forgive what happened 1000 years
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