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Date: Mon Aug 2 19:35:57 2004

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Teo Zenios wrote:

> A) The school system has always been producing kids with the skills
> employers are demanding for the future workforce. The newest generation will
> have skills designed for the service industry which is where 80% of the jobs
> of today are. Why should Johnny go to tech school and spend $20,000 on loans
> to get an ITT tech degree and make $8 an hour when he can get just about the
> same rate moving boxes in a warehouse with nothing but a HS diploma.

Something about aspiring to a higher cause perhaps? Maybe other people
are content to schlep boxes around in a warehouse, but I'm not, and I
suspect I'm not alone.

> D) I don't know if they are skimping in chemistry or physics in schools
> today since they are still college prep classes. Computers are probably
> pushed more today then when I was in school. Maybe they cut back on some
> woodshop and metalshop classes, I wouldn't know. I do know that a school
> district has to be on the verge of bankruptcy to get rid of football,
> baseball, and basketball since these activities draw in too many parents who
> do pay local taxes.

The sad thing is that most of the school budget goes into sports in a lot
of schools. I guess it's because they make a lot of money with it. In
the high school in which I graduated, I once saw the budget and the
football team had the largest by far of all the departments. Sad.

> E) Do it yourself is still very big in the home renovating area, probably
> bigger then ever since a house is the biggest investment most people make
> and is still the largest sinkhole for money for repairs. Humans ARE mindless

I'm not talking about that kind of DIY. I mean tinkering with
electronics, chemicals, etc. You know: science.

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