OT stupid Welsh and Americans (was Re: Cirris 1000)

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Aug 3 07:42:23 2004

At 06:31 PM 8/2/04 -0700, you wrote:
>On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Teo Zenios wrote:
>> I think the British did outlaw outright slavery before we did in the US
>> sure what their reason would be). I do find it comical when blacks ask for
>> reparations for slavery, since it was black people in Africa enslaving
>> blacks in the first place, the brits just provided shipping to get them
>> to the US.
>Ugh. There is this little thing called "demand" that, in most systems of
>trade, works in unison with the concept of "supply".

   Just like the modern drug trade!

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