rarest computers

From: Bill Sudbrink <wh.sudbrink_at_verizon.net>
Date: Tue Aug 3 10:43:57 2004

Well, I have a pretty big stack of Ohio Scientific... hardware,
software, documentation and advertising. I never thought it was
that rare, but then Sellam told me that he has a very hard time
turning up OSI stuff, so maybe it's a little rare.

One thing that I have that is quite possibly a one-of-a-kind is
a cardboard mock-up of the plastic "Series 2" case, although
(to my constant annoyance) I have not been able to acquire an
actual Series 2. The mock-up was bought at the asset liquidation
when things finally folded. The original purchaser was going to
use the metal parts (same as a C4P) to build another computer
but, thankfully, never got around to it.

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