VAXStation 4000/90 Hard drive options

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Mon Aug 2 23:14:39 2004

>> Yeah...I just recently got an IBM drive that has absolutely refused
>> to work on any narrow SCSI bus I've tried it on.
> I had to set the "force single ended" and "disable wide" jumpers on
> an IBM disk to get it going on the narrow channel of my AlphaServer
> 2100...

This drive has a "FORCE SE MODE" jumper, but no "disable wide" jumper.
There is a "DIS F/W NEG" jumper which turns out to expand to "disable
fast/wide negotiation". It also has three other disable jumpers:

DIS TI SY (disable TI sync negotiation)
DIS PAR (disable parity)
DIS UN A (disable unit attention)

I've tried with all four disable jumpers _and_ the FORCE SE MODE
jumper, and it _still_ doesn't work with my SS20. :-(

I am annoyed.

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