TEK UNIX history

From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz_at_unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
Date: Tue Aug 3 14:22:07 2004

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 08:10:32 -0700 (PDT)
aek_at_spies.com (Al Kossow) wrote:

> 8550 and 8560
Thats what I have in my machine room...

> It was an evolultion of the systems that started with the 8002
> 8550s have an 11/02 in them and ran an OS called DOS-50, which
> I would REALLY like to find. The 8560s are UTEK machines starting
> with 11/23s and 8" drives and evolving through 11/73s and 5" drives.
I have a 11/23 and 8" drive in mine. Maybe I'll throw the /73 CPU card I
have around into it...

> I have an 8560 with an 8" drive and would like to find the service
> manual for it (I have the svc docs for the 5" version).
I have docs for my machine, (OS manuals, development tools, ...) but no
service manual. :-(

> And dovetailing into Hans' comments, it is VERY difficult to find
> the documentation and software for these systems, while the hardware
> shows up at hamfests and on eBay frequently.
Thats my problem too. The system is complete instaled. But the file
system needs a "fsck". Somthing that is on a stand alone tools disk,
that I don't have... :-(
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