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Date: Tue Aug 3 16:44:53 2004

>From: "SHAUN RIPLEY" <vax3900_at_yahoo.com>
>In my eyes X86 is not bad at all. Every divert from
>X86 Intel made was a failure. I432, I860, I960,
>Itanium, all failed. Maybe 8051 is an exception. Also

 I'd not say that either the 432 or 8051 were spawned
from the X86. Also, even though Intel doesn't deal
with it anymore, the 186's are still quite popular
for embedded.
 Most CISC processors of today run with a RISC core.
CISC has the advantage of more efficient use of bulk
memory bandwidth while RISC can be more easily handled
for things like pipelining and multiple execution

>CISC won the battle with RISC finally. It might be
>better for DEC to develop faster VAX than to develop
>vax, 3900
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