RA71 all alone?

From: Antonio Carlini <a.carlini_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Tue Aug 3 19:06:49 2004

> anyone know if I can use a RA71 drive all by it's lonesome
> with an UDA50?

I think Michael Sokolov has covered this one for you.
I doubt that anyone ever actually *tested* an RA7x on
a UDA50, but it's *supposed* to work!

Even in a PDP-11 :-)

> probably wishful thinking.

Evey now and then you st8umble across something
in life that just works - and this looks like
it may well be it!

> (I've been running the RA90's straight from the UDA50 with
> the 'red cable';
> this has been working fine and doesn't violate the 'odd # of
> cables' rule)

It certainly works and is AFAIK a perfectly supported
configuration. If you use an RA7x mounted in a BA200
series chassis (say in a MicroVAX III class machine)
then the RA7x would be fed a cable directly from
the KDA50. Admittedly if you used an RA8x or RA9x
you'd have to go cab-to-cab and hence 3 cables to
be supported, but that's just a simple disk-doesn't
-fit-in-cab issue. Towards the end of the VAX 6000's
life, there was a "kit" that allowed you to mount
RA9x and/or RA7x drives in the huge amount of space
available in the bottom of the VAX 6000 cab.


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