Gaps in the collection (was Re: rarest computers. )

From: Rick Bensene <>
Date: Tue Aug 3 23:10:39 2004

My list:

HP 9100A: Like Tony, I have a 9100B, but would like a 9100A for
completeness. I wouldn't
tear it apart like Tony does -- scares me to death just to think about

PDP 10: As far as I'm concerned, the ultimate minicomputer. Just love

Early DG Nova: Always thought these were way cool.

A Unibus PDP-11 w/ a real switch & blinky-light front panel: Would love
an 11/70, but not likely.
My 11/34A with the programmer's panel is good enough to keep me happy
for now, but always loved
the front panels of the /45 and /70.

HP TSB System: Gotta love it! Probably couldn't afford to keep it
running, though.

IMSAI 8080: Built one in high school as a class project. Had a lot of
fun with the project.
Would love to find one. I know, I could buy a new one, but it just
wouldn't be the same.

Casio 14-A Relay Calculator: Yeah -- right. That'll happen :-)

Pre-Omnibus PDP 8: Sure...they're everwhere!

Friden Computyper: Hen's teeth.

Teletype ASR-33 or ASR-35: Maybe someday.

Tektronix 4002A Terminal: A magical DVST beast with the best ^G tone
ever implemented.

There's certainly more, but these are probably closest to the top of the
list. I can always
dream :-)

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