Foam pads for keytronics keyboards ?

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Tue Aug 3 23:39:33 2004

Don Maslin wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Jos Dreesen wrote:
>>Does anybody have a current source for the foam pads that are used in
>>capacitive Keytronics keyboards ?
> Perhaps a year ago or so, you could still purchase them from
> Keytronics. Not cheap, but available.
> - don

keytronics doesn't sell them anymore. they used to charge $0.10/pad.
They gave away mfg rights to a 3rd party who charges $0.50/pad. You can
read about it and see a keyboard rebuild on my web page:

What I did was find a couple Sun "type 4" keyboards on ebay for $5/each.
  Note that model 5 uses a polymer membrane sheet instead of individual
foam pads. Although the type 4 keyboard is going to be at least 10
years old, the foam seems to be in decent shape (perhaps the type of
foam used in 1990 is better quality than the foam used in 1977).

heck, there are at least six of them on ebay right now. Use this as a
search string from the ebay home page:

        sun "type 4"
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