TEK UNIX history

From: JimD <jimmydevice_at_verizon.net>
Date: Wed Aug 4 00:07:16 2004

Rick Bensene wrote:

>I did make a few mistakes and an omission in my posting about Tek's
>computer history.
>First off, the MDP products did start out with the 8002, but that
>was through the acquisition of a company called (I believe) Millenium Systems.
>The 8550 and 8560 (I miswrote it as 8260) did use LSI-11's. The 8550 I
>think ran DOS-50 (I think it only had two 8" floppy drives), and
>the 8560 was the one that ran UNIX, although I'm positive
>the OS wasn't UTek. It was more an AT&T System-III variant (as
>opposed to UTek, which had its roots in 4.2bsd). I can't
>remember what they called it, but it wasn't UTek. I used
>to have an 8560 with single Qume DT-8 floppy drive and the Micropolis
>40MB 8" drive. Thing sounded like a small jet plane at takeoff when
>the drive was spinning up. Gave it away a long time ago. Wish I hadn't.
>There was a predecessor to the 6130 that ran UTek. It was called the 6205.
>These were 32032-based machines. Much more powerful than the 6130.
>They could be had with framebuffers for GUI. I think that they had very
>early X-Windows servers that ran on them. The display processor I think
>was based on a National 32016. Tek sold a BUNCH of these at a
>company "fire sale" when the product was discontinued. They sold for
>fractions of pennies on the dollar. A lot of local Teks or ex-Teks
>might even still have some of these in their garages/attics/storage units.
I have a rather large collection of 6205 systems. They were classified
as bigboard or production systems
I probably have a dozen bigboard CPUs, maybe 8 IOP;s a couple 6205
boxes with frame buffer and
graphics units. I don't have the OS anymore and my maxstore XT1105 is
not in good shape.
I' will take offers on the stuff, either boards or systems. Mail me with
your wish list.
Jim Davis.
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