Gaps in the collection (was Re: rarest computers. )

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 08:34:19 2004

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Sokolov <> writes:

 Michael> Rick Bensene <> wrote:
>> Teletype ASR-33 or ASR-35: Maybe someday.

 Michael> What's the difference between ASR-33 and ASR-35? I've also
 Michael> heard of a Teletype 37, what is that one?

A 33 is the cheap common clunker that's designed for intermittent duty
(4 hours per day max). It was often used in non-stop application, in
which case it will frequently break.

A 35 is a much heavier, much less common, machine that IS designed for
100% duty.

I think a 37 is, roughly, a 35 with upper and lower case.

Mechanically, a 33 has a print head that looks like a little cylinder,
vaguely like the Selectric ball but a different shape. It turns to
the right letter, then a hammer bashes it on the back to slam it
against the paper.

A 35 has a rectangular device that holds a collection of individual
character hammers -- think of the tip of a typewriter arm, attached by
the back to a guide. It moves to position the right character, then a
hammer hits the back of the type guide to push it (but not the whole
mechanism) against the paper.

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