Contact cleaner/lubricant?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 13:45:31 2004

Bill wrote....
> While watching me struggle with the cards in my OSI C4P,
> someone at VCF East (I can't remember who, sorry if it
> was you) suggested a product (I can't remember what, I
> was a bit distracted) that they used to clean and lubricate
> contacts.

If you're dealing with gold contacts.... use "ProGold", made by Caig. Bar
none- the best. It's a bit expensive, but a can lasts a long time. Nothing
comes close to this stuff. Most of the electronics stores here carry it. Any
system I touch gets every gold contact deoxidized, cleaned, and lubricated
with it. Incredible stuff.

I spray it on a toothbrush, then brush the gold edge card connectors.


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