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From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Wed Aug 4 14:56:45 2004

>>> the other goes
>>> to one of the 'ends' of the pot] in one of the the speaker
>>> lines (doesn't matter which one)

Assuming it is a linear and not audio taper pot <g>

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>>> Clock radio speaker output reduction:
>>> Note that a good number of the smaller clock radios use
>>> higher-than-usual speaker impedances. sometimes upward of
>>> 60 ohms: saves output devices having to handle heavy
>>> currents (relatively).
>>> T'were it me, I'd obtain a 500-ohm 'trimmer' pot - the
>>> kind that is meant to go on a printed circuit board, be
>>> adjusted once, then left...
>>> 500 ohms at 1/4W would be fine - then put it series [one
>>> speaker wire goes to the wiper of the pot, the other goes
>>> to one of the 'ends' of the pot] in one of the the speaker
>>> lines (doesn't matter which one) and tweak it until you
>>> have the gain level you like. Pop the cover back on et Voila!
>>> all done. Just get a single-turn one, not the multi-turn
>>> type. If you really want to get fancy, you can put a small
>>> switch in the case, and short out the pot, thus restoring
>>> the radio to full volume if desired. If you could find a
>>> suitable volume-control / switch combination, that might
>>> also be a slick way to do this.. but I doubt seriously that
>>> a 500-ohm volume control with integral switch could be found.
>>> The usual cautions about working on/around
>>> mains-connected devices applies, if the clockradio is in
>>> fact plugged right into the wall.
>>> Cheers
>>> John
>>> PS: this presupposes you are comfortable with soldering....
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