Metal Case Northstar Horizon

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Aug 4 17:10:32 2004

 I have one that is in a beige metal case.
Yes, they did do metal case ones. These are
not as desired as the wood ones but more

>From: "Marvin Johnston" <>
>Someone mentioned some time ago a metal case instead of the standard
>case for the Northstar Horizon. Can anyone confirm if they did put out a
>computer in a metal case, and if so, (wishful thinking) how many they
>might have produced? I have one here in a powder blue metal case similar
>in color to the IMSAI, but I thought it was something someone just put
>together. I talked to the person a few days ago that I got it from, and
>he couldn't remember any details except that it came from a swap meet
>many years ago.
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