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From: Don Hills <dmhills_at_attglobal.net>
Date: Wed Aug 4 20:16:27 2004

"Mike Ross" <mross666_at_hotmail.com> wrote:
>An IBM 1800 (unique, as far as I know)

I used to maintain a System/7, the successor to the 1800.
It ran a prototype milk powder plant at the Dairy Research Institute.
They used the S/7 to monitor and adjust the plant parameters to get the
desired result, then built the production plants with the parameters "hard
wired". Is anyone on this list at the Massey campus in Palmerston North who
can say whether the DRI plant still exists? For that matter, Massey used to
have a 1620 and an 1130 that I also maintained. I'll bet they've long gone.

>Two IBM System/32s (again unique - know of no others in collections)

MOTAT, Auckland NZ, has/had one, donated by IBM back when they were still in
use at some customers. :-) I'll take a look next time I'm up there.

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