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From: JimD <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 01:39:32 2004

Marvin Johnston wrote:

> wrote:
>>So I'm curious how you got around to to get all the balls on the
>>BGA melted with that? Also not blowing the BGA off like leaf in a
>Another way to reflow SM boards is to use an iron set high enough to
>melt the solder and get it to flow. While I've never worked with BGAs, I
>am curious if the iron would do the same thing and get things hot enough
>to just lift the BGAs off?
I work for a rather large semi mfg. and out tech moves a lot BGA
paxkages on and off out test systems.
I would hazzard a guess, observing the problems we have had with 900+
bunp BGA packages that it
would be nearly impossible to replace a BGA with equipment available to
this group.
But OTHO, this group can be rather creative.
Some of the problems seen are package creep from un-cured packages, and
bad allignment, even with
computer controlled, robotic, microscopic placement soldering machines.
Jim Davis.
I would kill to own the gear in the HW lab.
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