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Date: Thu Aug 5 03:52:05 2004

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> Anyone else have one of these? Seems to need a cartridge to
> run. I have a basic language cartridge for it- (labelled
> Falcon) and a Sord Basic G cart manual. So I'm looking for
> any info, software, other carts, etc. If anyone's interested,
> there's pix of the M5 on a few web sites and summary data as well.

I've got the european version which was badged by CGL and made in a blue
case instead of brown. You need either the BASIC-I (integer) or BASIC-G
(graphics) cart before you can do anything else. I've only got a small
amount of s/w for it though, maybe 3 tapes and a single lonely 'tank
battle' cart that was given to me at the Classic Gaming Expo the other


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