TEK UNIX history

From: jim <jwstephens_at_msm.umr.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 5 15:32:09 2004

Al Kossow wrote:

> Later, Tek developed a microprocessor development system that utilized
> an LSI-11 core.
> It was called the 8250.

I saw a system in 1975 that they brought to the University of Missouri,
with what must have been an 11/45 or 11/70 (anyway two bays of stuff with
a largeish 11 in it). The system was called a transient system
digitizer. It was
the precursor of a system that uses a special double ended cathode ray
to essentially paint at sampling speeds a signal onto a silicon charged
array, then
digitally scan the results off with another beam from the other side of
the array.

This was a very fast sampling oscilliscope read by what essentially was an

integrated tv tube.

Anyway, it would capture the data, process it and make wonderful graphs
of the stuff.

All of this was moved and was installed and demoed by Tektronix, not dec.

Not idea of O/S, since this discussion is about Unix, but at least Tek had

experience with "embedded" computing before unix came out and they
could get it.


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