Zilog Z8038 Z-FIO document available

From: SHAUN RIPLEY <vax3900_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Aug 5 15:36:52 2004

--- Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com> wrote:

> > Al Kossow might want
> > it for bitsavers.
> Oh, There is an Al_Kossow on the list. He must hate
> me
> because I snapshot his ebay bid of an 80186
> emulator.
> He got the manual though.
> --
> Would be interested to know when you get it if it
> was the
> complete boxed unit. The listing was ambiguous. If
> it
> wasn't complete, the manual will be up on
> bitsavers/microtek
> in the next week or two.
I got it today. It is in its original foam but there
is no original box. Included is a 68 pin square probe
head and a power cable. I bought a power supply for it
(Yes, the type of power supply for it) but the size of
the power socket on the supply is a little bit
different so the power cable can't fit!

Also what I am interested is 80c188xl but this one is
for 80186. so I went to a warehouse and spent $50 for
a microtek IIIS 80186 emulator. I could power the IIIS
up but I found that I didn't have the 25pin to 9 pin
cross-talk RS232 cable.

There are many other emulators in the warehouse.
Tektronics, intel, microtek, for NEC v25, z80, z80B,
68000, 68010, 68020, 68300, 83c152, 80186, 8096...
Even one for z8001/z8002. Most of them are $99, some
are $199 or more each. you can bargain though.

Al, I will be happy to ship the 2+ to you with $12.00
(amount I paid including shipping ) + $10 (shipping).
The power supply will be a bonus. we can talk about
that off-line.

vax, 3900


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