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Date: Thu Aug 5 17:28:42 2004

> On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Bill Sudbrink wrote:
> > Well, I have a pretty big stack of Ohio Scientific... hardware,
> > software, documentation and advertising. I never thought it was
> > that rare, but then Sellam told me that he has a very hard time
> > turning up OSI stuff, so maybe it's a little rare.
> To which Sellam Ismail replied:
> OSI stuff has traditionally been hard to turn up (for me at least). It
> took several years of collecting before I got my first OSI system. Now I
> have a few various models, all given to me by various people ironically.
> Bob Maxwell had the coolest and rarest OSI computer at VCF East: a model
> 300 (OSI's first kit?)
Alas, it's not mine. Jim Kearney brought it VCF East to supplement my OSI
Superboard display. The 300 is a sobering reminder of how a computer
company could start in those early days with hobbyist-grade products. I
don't think Michael Dell could have ever sold any PCs with hand-taped
circuit board artwork...

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