CHM gripe (was: rarest computers)

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 21:11:20 2004

Quoth Bob Shannon:

> Painful, but not nearly as bad as my experiances with Oliver Strimple
> when he was the curator of the
> (defunct) Boston Computer Museum.
> When I told him I collected and 'restored to working condition'
> minicomputers from the 1960's (and
> wanted to display them as his museum) he scoffed at the very idea of
> 'restoration to working condition'.
> It was painful to walk through that place and see restorable hardware
> gutted and filled with strings of winking christmas lights.

Aiya! A museum curator that has no love for the items collected shouldn't
be a bloody museum curator. :(

> There was a TON of really important and rare stuff that got trashed
> there. CADR's, a Foonly, I think even
> the original CONS machine went there, never to see the light of day again.

What became of the Boston Computer Museum, anyway? And what happened to
their collection, such as it was?

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