Here's a #1 tip on cleaning computers

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Date: Fri Aug 6 15:13:23 2004

Rescued a complete Atari Mega 2 from work that was getting thrown out. It was
quite dirty being on a mailroom production floor.
Anyway, my wife told me about these Mr Clean magic eraser things and they do
the best job with cleaning just about anything. It got this Atari nice and
clean, sun damage notwithstanding.
These eraser things clean off china marker, smoke stains, dirty fingerprints,
grease, permanent marker, and just plain dirt. They work perfectly on
textured surfaces like plastic computers and car interiors and has not harmed
anything I have used it on.
I don't know how it works since it's a sponge of some sort, but give it a
try. Better than any spray cleaning product I've ever used.
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