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From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Aug 6 16:00:46 2004

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>Can anyone comment as to what level of ID is helpful, in addition
>to a Passport and Driver's License, both with picture ID?

   I used to travel frequently for my job as an aerospace engineer for
Martin Marietta. When I traveled outside the US I was given security
briefings and warnings that were much more in depth than what the general
public gets. One of the things that I was specificly warned about was NOT
to carry anything that would identify me as an employee of a military
contractor or any id from any government agency. They were afraid that if
we were hijacked and the hijackers found the id then we'd be in for a LOT
of trouble. In addition if we were taken to a not so friendly country we
could be held by that country while they tried to pick our brains
(forceably!) I used to carry my Canadian birth certificate as well as my US
one and the Canadian one would usually get me into (or out of!) any place
that the US one wouldn't.

   I generally found that a company id didn't help much with customs. They
never seemed to be impressed. They were more receptive to the idea that I
was a computer or calculator collector and that was why I was carrying
around all that odd junk.

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